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How to Motivate and Retain Online Learners
Learn 10 fully documented and theoretically driven motivational principles that foster interactivity and engagement online.

Find out how to inspire your online learners with an assembly of meaningful and purposeful learning activities. Simply put, bored and unengaged online learners will be a thing of the past.

Discover a realistic path toward meaningful and engaging online learning.

Learn the simple and flexible framework for motivating online learners that works.

Learn about research backed and proven interactive online ideas and activities.

What motivates? Answer: A little TEC-VARIETY!

1. Tone/Climate: Psych Safety, Comfort, Sense of Belonging
2. Encouragement: Feedback, Responsive, Praise, Supports
3. Curiosity: Surprise, Intrigue, Unknowns
4. Variety: Novelty, Fun, Fantasy
5. Autonomy: Choice, Control, Flexibility, Opportunities
6. Relevance: Meaningful, Authentic, Interesting
7. Interactivity: Collaborative, Team-Based, Community
8. Engagement: Effort, Involvement, Investment
9. Tension: Challenge, Dissonance, Controversy
10. Yielding Products: Goal Driven, Purposeful Vision, Ownership


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