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The Spark of Online Learning: How Technology and Emotion Science Invigorates Every Class
Emotion and cognition are inextricably linked – how we feel and connect with others impacts both what we learn and how we retain that learning. When we engage in online learning we are not just presenting information and knowledge or teaching a skill, we are engaged with emotional, compassionate, complex people. We can find ways to connect with them emotionally and personally so that we can unleash the opportunity to learn.

That’s the big idea here, but it has very practical implications. These include:

• How technology can be used to create an emotional connection to students.
• How we can develop caring and supportive relationships with our students and how they can build a community of inquiry that is mutually supportive.
• How emotions enable learning and what we can do as teachers to unleash positive emotions – hope, optimism, resilience, efficacy.

In this engaging and interactive webinar, Flower Darby will explore her developing understanding of the joy of teaching and the power of technology to enable truly engaging learning.

Key Takeaways:

• Understanding why connecting with students at an emotional level matters for effective learning.
• Identifying how emotions and cognition interrelate.
• Exploring practical strategies to put the power of emotions to work in your classes.
• Learning how to create conditions in which you, as a teacher, find the joy in teaching


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