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How to Use OBS Studio to Energize Your Zoom Presentations: Engage Your Students and Enrich Learning
Get past the talking-head-and-slide-show Zoom session to engage your students with the free video streaming tool OBS Studio.

Compatible with Windows, Macs and Linux systems, OBS Studio lets you create rich multimedia Zoom lectures that foster more powerful, engaged learning.

When students log in, only to turn off their microphones and video, you don’t know if they’re tuned in or tuned out. You want them to be actively learning, focused and engaged, which is why you need to make your Zoom class a learning experience they’ll never forget.

Before taking part in this webinar, we encourage you download OBS Studio at https://obsproject.com/.

Key Takeaways

In this engaging and interactive webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of how you can use OBS Studio and Zoom to significantly improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

You’ll explore:

• How to integrate OBS Studio into Zoom in learner-effective ways
• How to stream video from OBS Studio to Zoom
• How to connect your webcam to OBS Studio
• How to create rich media presentations and experiences, linking video, sound, PowerPoint and other media


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