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How to Design Online Teaching for Engaged Learning: Merging Instructional Design and Teaching and Learning Research
How do we marry the substantial research on effective teaching and learning with our knowledge and experience of instructional design to ensure effective learning and increase student retention and course completion?

What pedagogical techniques are needed to make online learning engaging and empowering for students?

In this interactive webinar, Dr. Linda Nilson provides:
-Specific approaches to course design you can take to increased retention and completion.
-Practical insights on how to improve your online teaching, based on cognitive science and instructional design. Approaches to the assessment of learning that help students succeed.

Three Key Takeaways

-We can do much more to ensure student engagement and completion, but it requires us to make effective use of the practices of instructional design and the knowledge from cognitive learning research in the way we design, deliver and support students.
-We can ensure, but it requires us to think and design carefully our courses so that they are focused and aligned with key program level outcomes.
-We can foster rigour and quality, but this requires us to teach effectively and adequately prepare our students to perform well on out assessments.


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