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How to Design a Course for Maximum Student Engagement: Seven Innovative Approaches
What approach should we take to course design? What factors should we consider when looking to engage students in active learning? What are the alternatives to using “this week’s topic” and a standard text? This webinar will suggest seven specific frameworks for course design that will be highly engaging for students.

These seven frameworks are:

1. Backward design
2. Learner-Centered Course Design
a. An inquiry-based approach
b. A case-based approach
c. A decoding the discipline approach
d. An active learning or activity-based approach
e. A gamified approach
f. A project-based approach

Each approach involves different challenges, different kinds of learning activities, different uses of learning materials, different forms of assessment. Each will be briefly explored in this interactive presentation.

Three Key Takeaways:

• Understand why different approaches to design are needed for different kinds of learning.
• What each design “scaffold” requires in terms of key elements – what needs to be in place for it to work.
• What some of the challenges are for each of the design scaffolds.


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